Thank You!!!

Thank you to everyone who helped make Embrace happen. It has been a wonderful experience over the past 2 years as we worked to bring Embrace to reality. I will have a more detailed post about the experience and the project in the next week. We are also still trying to fundraise. At the moment we still have about $25,000 to raise before we will break even. The price has been worth it though and I cannot believe the incredible response we have received. If you are interested in donating please click on our donate link.

Thank you again,

Embrace 2014 Donation

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Thank you for your charitable donation. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Matt Schultz directly at

Embrace The Dawn

The Pier Group has spent the last several years making a name for itself with big beautiful art. The Pier, the La Llorona shipwreck of Pier 2 and The Ichthyosaur Puppet Project all worked to transport participants of Burning Man to fantastic worlds where a childlike wonder could be inspired and nurtured.

Embrace is our testament to the moment, a cathedral dedicated to the beauty of immediacy. This is a sculpture made to honor all of the relationships in our lives, a pilgrimage through our bodies and our minds.

Please join us as we transform the Stables @ Squaw into a fantastical playground world where we can escape the dark and Embrace the Dawn!

There will be food and merriment, costumes and fashion, live artists, aerialists, acro yogis, hoopers, fire spinners and more! Oh and music- there will be music to set your soul on fire!

There will even be the chance for you to win your ticket to Burning Man 2014…

So please, make plans to come and play, to mingle, to inspire, to help share in the laughter and love, make new friends and reconnect with old. Please keep an eye on the event page for special updates. All proceeds go directly to fund Embrace.

(For those of you coming from afar, or with an affinity for hotel rooms, we recommend reservations at Squaw Valley for the night)

Digging in

lobotomyHey friends of Embrace,

We’re creating something amazing, a giant wooden sculpture that grabs the attention of everyone who encounters it, a piece that creates wonder just by its existence. The vision taking shape at the Generator is becoming reality, gaining personality, and asking us to dig in to bring it all the way to the playa. This is a message asking for help to make embrace happen. Being part of the Embrace crew means making the project your baby. It means joining a team invested in doing what it takes to be bold and ambitious because it’s so worth it.

Building the sculpture

We’re making progress and we need more builders! We’ve already built as much as the entire ship project from 2012 and work is starting on the shoulders — we’re disassembling the omega head already just to make space! There’s lots and lots of carpentry to do — sign up to help here! We’re even getting love from channel 2 news — you could say they’re pretty impressed.

We’re building every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5pm, and Saturday and Sunday at 11am.

Not sure if you’ve got the skills? Intimidated by power tools? Doing is the best way to learn. If you’re willing to help with what you can do, we’re more than willing to teach you new skills to contribute even more.

forkliftRaising the money

We’ve done 3 fundraiser events already, and we’ve got some more amazing events in the works that will be amazing to attend and need help to put on. First up, the Walk Through Lucidity on May 16th is an intimate night of avant garde art and exploration.  Then, we’re looking at doing a big outdoor dance party in Tahoe in June — stay tuned for details. We’re also working on an extravagant chocolate party in San Francisco (think Willie Wonka?!?) and more Reno events in the summer.

If you are ready to dig in and make Embrace your baby by helping to fundraise, sign up to help.

And then there’s the kickstarter — we’ve raised $30,000 in 24 days! It’s amazing, and humbling to see the support. Invite your friends to donate to the kickstarter — lets reach our goal and send this project over the top!

Share the kickstarter here:

It’s a little over three months before we hit the playa — are you going to be with us? No matter how you participate, Embrace is a project that transforms you and the people around you. Our community in Reno is making a name for itself by pushing the limits of the art we create and the scope of the projects we bring together. Embrace is our chance to be bigger and more beautiful than ever before.

Thank you so much for all you do,

Matt, Lindsay, Morgan, Sarah, Kelsey and the entire Embrace crew

The Embrace Kickstarter is live!

Hi Everyone,

Our first Kickstarter is live! We need everyone who wants to see this project become a reality to check out our kickstarter, donate and share it with everyone they can. If we can share and support this project with everyone we can we will make our funding goal! Which means we can build this project and make this crazy idea a reality.


Embracing the change


Alpha Head work in progress

The last week was an interesting one. Filled with a number of ups and downs, we didn’t get temple, and we didn’t get temple. Upon first finding out, I think most of us were a bit taken back, but when we really had time to consider what had happened I think we were all relieved. Burning Man gave us a generous grant, and they did it in a way that allows us to define our art the way we choose to without the constraints and tradition of The Temple.

I never anticipated the amount of controversy we would create in our bid for temple. It was a beautiful thing watching people debate online about the merits of the project and how they felt about the art. It was an interesting study in the way our community relates to large public art. And something that I had never been privy to in the past. Our previous 5 projects as a team were relatively innocuous. Our largest projects, The Pier and The Ship were more about adventure than pushing social boundaries. At times it was a bit hard reading the feedback, but it was always poignant.

We are in such a rare position. People are talking about the art we are making. They are not only talking about it, they were debating it. There was even a petition,…!!!! This is all pretty cool.

The other cool thing: There will be 2 temple’s. Embrace is moving forward. A home for the moment, and a place to consider our relationships now. I am looking forward to seeing what the actual temple looks like! My imagination is filled with ideas, and I can’t wait to share a drink with their team, smile and exchange stories.

Ok, now we just have to raise another $160,000 for Embrace and work hard to help everyone else build their art too! Its a pretty good day to embrace the moment and smile at the change.


A Heart Takes Shape

This week the Embrace Vancouver Contingent began working on one of two realistic hearts that will act as centerpieces of the sculpture. The following is a description of the work from Luke Dune Detheridge. You will want to stay tuned as these hearts grow.


Embrace Vancouver is organizing and cutting foam to fit our initial 6’x7’x12′ block. The next stage is to design and cut custom templates to create our front and side profiles. Then the detail process can begin! The foam was the chosen based upon the process of resin casting. Our foam is second-hand, 1/3rd of it is off-cuts from a construction site on it’s way to the recycling depot. The other 2/3rd from a shipping yard(i believe it was used in dock construction for a time, smells fishy). After the sculpture the foam will be recycled.

The carving process will include a hot wire (voltage controller and steel cable) that can carve away large pieces of the foam. Then we will use nail brushes, horse hair brushes, rough files, sand paper. The foam will be coated with sealant and mold release before applying surfboard fibre glass resin and matted material to create the shell. The fiberglass shell will then be removed and the foam will be recycled.

To make this whole operation happen we have independently raised funds, held fundraisers, used coordinators/volunteers, sold swag, operated a website, run advertising, created proposals, written grants, solicited transportation; engaged design, build team and lighting crews. In all, it has taken thousands of people-hours.

We spent 9 hours yesterday cutting, placing and numbering the foam into specific densities.


Below is Dan, a polite young man who agreed to loan us several hundred dollars of equipment, not to mention his time just to rock out cuts, help glue up, and fabricate stencils. He is an invaluable resource.



Jason Mastin, What Embrace Means to Me

I am a Tahoe/Reno local of many years. Now I am hanging around at the Generator for the purpose of writing about what the Embrace project is, and why it is an amazing idea for the temple at Burning Man.
Imagining a six story statue of a couple embracing suddenly materialising on earth -built of lumber with an internal spiral staircase which rises up through the metaphorical energy centers of heart chandelier to the heads of the two figures, where groups of people can stare out of the eyes, all three, if you count the third, out towards the playa with a skylight to the stars. Imagination one thing. Building it is another.
The logistics of it’s construction puts it’s builders in a position of realizing the project’s meaning, and the release and reward of love and creativity implied in the massive sculpture. For a moment in the building of Embrace, the implication that our lives are constantly building this ‘couple in love’ bounces from person to person. As if love were our purpose in the world. Seeing it from all sides, and knowing it’s challenged dimensions, love is always experimental, it rise up and and looks out over the community like two people in communication, comparing their impressions of everything on Earth as seen at Burning Man- in the blissful awareness of love. Like everything on earth our time together is always temporary, our relationships can be as fleeting as a one night stand or a lifetime together. In the end we have to see it burn, regardless.
Therefore, the spectacle of Embrace on fire, would be one of the more profound things to write home about. It’s a healing concept to imagine fiery dust devils spinning from the memories of our love, if a one night stand, or a lifetime. How the greatest freedom we’ can ever give someone is holding on to them, it’s also the greatest freedom to let them go. We were free from the day we were born, are free throughout our entire lives and will be even more free when we pass on at death. Being involved in a project of this scale, with Embrace’s subject and theme, I am striving for a deeper understanding of relationships.
The construction of Embrace is like an involved meditation on love and freedom from it, then we learn what a solid foundation for a couple is, architecturally. The sculpture is able to give shelter to thousands of people, a place to gather, party, have personal rituals, if weddings, bar mitzvahs or sanataria sacrifices, fire spinning seminars or whatever’s clever – the Embrace’s attitude is that of love which can let go for the sake of personal growth and freedom. 30,000 lovers could walk through it, mixing and matching like musical chairs at a square dance. One hundred weddings could take place and the playa police force might hold late night homosexual masonic rituals there. All of this is expected. Regardless, it will be burned. This definite reminder of life and our ego’s transitory attempts for permanency are illusionary. It is a lesson we all hope to learn the night of the Embrace’s burn.
30,000 ways to understand love are transformed in life cycle of Embrace, maybe more so among the people responsible for building and transporting the massive six-story structure to the playa. In that element of fire it’s going to be interesting for everyone involved. All of our energy if overt and obvious or subtle and sublime is transformed in a fire of this magnitude, with the potential of being the most beautiful spectacle we’ve ever witnessed. It’s the fire and passion which gives rise to new souls, while the earth accepts other to be buried. 30,000 impressions of an Embrace on fire that we won’t soon forget. That fire could be better than the sex it takes to build it, depending on who you talk to.
Embrace is an amazing project, and an incredible design for a Temple. It’s immediate impressions inspire tantric love, Magdelene and Jesus, a first kiss, a last Embrace, a casual expression of spontaneous intercourse, or an eternal bond. If all of our higher spirituality revolves around love, it’s possible we all figure out armageddon by setting it on fire as well, a nuclear moment not to be overlooked either. Maybe we can help peacefully resolve a thousand breakups, with a lesson in non- attachment through a massive fire like Embrace will be on Sunday night. Although building a permanent structure like Embrace would be a landmark, as a burn, it’s a more epic story. Everyone from the designers, builders and laborer-nail-swingers, to various lovers, swingers and  married couples deeply in love  who pass through the Generator during it’s construction are part of Embrace’s story, which will keep on expanding as it comes closer to the playa.
That’s what this Embrace project means to me. Thanks for the chance to say something, yo. J

Sextant Camp Assists with Embrace

The following is a testimonial from the Sextant Camp members who recently visited The Generator. They helped with various projects.

The Sextant Crew sitting on the generator they ordered and had delivered to The Generator.

The Sextant Crew sitting on the generator they ordered and had delivered to The Generator.

“Sextant Camp is a relatively small group preparing for our second year as a theme camp. We want to put people high over the city in our Tower and send them on a Zipline run through the open air towards our twin Tesla Coil towers.

When we heard about the Reno Generator, we were blown away by the guiding concept and the scale of the projects underway. We already knew that we would have to leave California to find a large enough power source for our Tesla Coil, so we decided to put in a volunteer work weekend and ship our generator to the Generator!

We arrived and were quickly put to task resurfacing the interior of an RV so that it could become a clean and safe medical support vehicle on-Playa for the massive Embrace project. We were lucky enough to have someone in our group who could train us how to do the interior work, and our friend with metalworking experience got to work restoring the door to a functional, lockable state. We were proud to be able to contribute, and seeing the Embrace project underway as well as the installation of the Ichthyosaur at the Discovery Museum was a real treat!

The Generator represents a beautiful partnership between artists, local government, and the community at large that has the potential to transform Reno into a cultural and technological hub.

Anyone is welcome and can benefit from what is underway at the Generator!”

Torrey Smith

Embrace Creating a Buzz

wide view placemant 2

Here it is. The first image of Embrace. The grant for Temple is in, the website is getting updated and our fingers are crossed in the hopes that we might be The Temple! From the moment that this image hit the Internet it has created quite a buzz, from the lack of a church-like feel to gender identity. Please, tell us what you think and what Temple means to you.