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Firefighter VS Police Officer Salary

May 19, 2017 • Joseph Jackson

Everyone needs a financial backing to help them live life the way they deem fit. Thus, when it comes to selecting a career, people are always curious about how much they might earn out of it.According to an article by Larry T. Hoover published in Monthly Labor Review Online, firefighters and police in most jurisdictions earned comparable wages up until the 1960s, as both were considered to be essential public safety workers. Since the 1970s, however, wage parity between police and firefighters has steadily eroded.

“Police and firefighter salaries and benefits, at least in Ontario, are the most obvious examples of the waste of public resources. Both of them are now making about $100k a year plus very generous benefits and pensions. These positions do not require high compensation in order to attract capable applicants. Every time one becomes available 100s or 1000s of applicants show up.” Read More here….

What’s a better Salary – a police officer or a firefighter?

Few jobs are considered more essential than those performed by police officers and firefighters. Police are charged with the responsibility to protect the public from criminals and uphold the law. Firefighters are called into action not only when a fire occurs but also in situations involving traffic accidents, health emergencies and structural danger.

“We tend to take for granted the differences between various groups of workers in remuneration, aside from some extreme inequalities. But why should it be, for example, that a police officer up to the rank of sergeantis paid more than39,000 a year, while a firefighter up to watch manager is paid just over 31,000? One would hardly argue that firefighters perform a less demanding, or less valuable job.” Read more here

Both the jobs require the applicant to have a high school diploma. They both encourage higher education to improve your chances at promotion and a higher salary. For fighters, a degree or course in fire science is required. But in the case of police officers, they require you to have a degree in criminal justice.For any information visit to

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