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Embracing The Benefits of Toughened Glass Office Partitions

April 17, 2017 • Joseph Jackson

Most offices have some areas within them that include glass office partitions. The partitions used in offices can be either permanent or temporary.

They can be as high as from the floor to the ceiling or lower, and most of them use solid panels such as PVC or even metal frames due to their flexibility and ease to integrate different colors, designs, and finishes. Laminated finishes are common although other finishes such as silk are added for a more aesthetic appeal.

However, in the recent years, toughened glass office partitions are increasingly becoming popular, especially in corporate offices and in creative or design related industries.

Can Be Supported Using Unobtrusive Framework

Toughened glass partitions are made using glass panels of different sizes, and there are no real standards for glass partitions in offices. These panels are made or cut to measure with respect to the office space they will be installed.You can learn more about it here –

To toughen them, aluminium tracks of different colors can be installed to offer an unobtrusive, supporting framework. The tracks can be installed vertically, and a crystal or clear silicone may be used for the joints to maintain a cleaner line.

Strong to Withstand Impact

Toughened glass office partitions are not only advantageous for maintaining a good appearance, but also due to their strength. They are generally toughened by being made using 10mm or 12mm thick glass. Hence, they are more capable of withstanding daily contact and impact without breaking.

A film is usually applied on clearer and larger glass panels to ensure they are more visible. A film and textured effects are also added on toughened glass panels to enhance their aesthetics or to offer them a frosted effect with some level of privacy as required.


Can Be Enhanced Using A Wide Variety of Doors

The designs created using toughened glass panels are enhanced using aluminium framed glass doors, frameless glass doors, or veneered doors. They enable for practical and attractive partitioned office spaces.


Enhance Safety and Are Easy To Clean If They Break

By their nature, toughened glass partitions enhance safety in an office. They are harder to break than normal glass. Toughened glass is designed to break into circular, small pieces, rather than sharp-edged shards. Hence, they reduce chances of injury in case they break.

This also makes it safer and easier to clean in case it breaks. The small fragments can be swept easily without fear of being hurt by razor-sharp shards in the case of normal broken glass.

Toughened glass office partitions will offer your office visual appeal and style, and ensure your workplace remains secure. They are not only great for office spaces due to their good aesthetic appearance, but because they can withstand daily contact and impact, thus prevent injuries to your employees.

They allow office occupants a good view of the external environment, keep harsh weather elements out, and allow light to penetrate into the office space.