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Embrace These Fun Front Yard Landscaping Ideas And Facts

August 22, 2017 • Joseph Jackson

Have you ever wondered how the entire landscaping fad came about and how it evolved over time? One day after mowing my own lawn, I had time to contemplate this question. My neighbor had just come over to borrow my lawn mower and complain that his own lawn mower had suddenly stopped working.

After gently reminding him that he needed to buy a new one, I loaned my lawn mower to him. I sat back in my lawn chair under the shade of a tree in our front yard with a beer and watched him mow his lawn with my lawn mower. Speaking of trees, read more about landscaping around trees here.

landscaping ideas around trees and shrubs

How Did it all get Started

You can just imagine an English or perhaps French Noblemen back in the middle ages deciding they wanted to have a beautiful landscaped lawn leading up to their castle.

Something akin to a meadow that had been clipped short by grazing sheep or horses. He and his wife may have seen this on one of their drives around the countryside as they inspected their land and herds of animals.

Rich noblemen in the middle ages just had to order their serfs to start work. Gradually it came together as lawns were added, mazes made of strategically planted shrubs were completed and water fountains placed at the entrance to the chateau or castle.

They quickly realized that the planting and construction was easy. Now you had to maintain the lawns and shrubs. Using rabbits, sheep or horses would do some of the work, but left a less than beautiful lawn. It looked more like a farm meadow than the beautiful landscaping he had imagined.

front yard landscape styles

Landscapers and the Scythe

The next step was the addition of the scythe. In case you do not know what scythe is, it can be best described as a long curved knife on the end of a long pole attached at right angles to the pole.

An expert can swing the scythe in arcs along the ground cutting the grass as they go. The sharper it is the better the job that a scythe will do making it much easier for the workmen to use.

You had to be fit to swing this scythe all day long and you had to become an expert at using it. Cutting grass blades two inches in length takes skill and strength. Many lawns were cut to this length to facilitate lawn bowling (1190AD, tennis (1500AD) and croquet (1856).

Addition of the Push Reel Mower

The push reel mower was invented around 1830 by Edwin Beard Budding. He was an English engineer who worked in a fabric factory. He was able to adapt a machine used in that industry to be used to cut grass.

The push reel mower is still used today and is considered to be an environmentally friendly machine by many people.


Gas Powered Rotary Mowers

The first gas powered rotary mower was produced in 1952. It significantly improved lawn mowing for landscapers and home owners. The rotary mower today has many features including push, self propelled, bagging, mulching and riding lawn mowers.

My neighbor has just finished mowing his lawn. He is a great neighbor. He is coming over with my lawnmower and a couple of beers for us to enjoy while we admire our handiwork.

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